I help adults address what is holding them back in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes the problems are limited in nature and the work has a narrow focus. Other times initial presenting problems speak to larger issues that negatively impact people in multiple settings and ways.

Early in the work I help clients identify the implicit and automatic patterns that negatively impact them. We then work together to “slow down” and shift these automatic patterns.

As the work proceeds I help clients decide how they want to address their problems and work through the resistance and ambivalence that often comes with efforts to change. Sessions are a space for clients to reflect on and learn from their past, discuss and formulate what they will do differently now and in the future, and work through the emotional and psychological challenges that come with changing.

I work with people whose presenting problems include:

-mood disturbances

-social skills
-social anxiety
-obsessions & compulsions
-grief & mourning
-relationship issues
-work issues
-leadership & management issues
-family issues
-substance use issues
-organizational deficits

Located in Montclair, NJ, I work with clients throughout the north Jersey area.