Career Psychology Consulting

I uniquely blend business acumen with psychological and behavioral expertise to help people achieve their goals by overcoming the challenges that arise for them in their career and professional life.

Many times what holds people back from moving forward in their career and professional life are subtle stumbling blocks, often outside of their awareness, in how they think about and approach their challenges. Often the best thing people can do is recognize and overcome these stumbling blocks.

I believe that when "something" is holding people back from working through their career and professional challenges, they can profoundly benefit by an expert who offers the psychological and behavioral expertise to help them identify and address what it is that is holding them back, and has the business acumen to embed that consultation in the practical demands of professional life.

Career Psychology Consulting is particularly helpful for clients who find themselves dealing with the following types of career and professional challenges:

  • dissatisfaction with current position or place in career
  • struggling to deal with difficult personalities at the office (be that of bosses, co-workers, employees, clients, etc.)
  • trouble adjusting to the demands and dynamics of a new position or role
  • managing the sense of burden and isolation that can come with a leadership role
  • struggling to manage work stress and its effects
  • difficulty calibrating an effective work / life balance
  • uncertainty about what career steps to take or pursue going forward
  • embarking on a significant career change from one profession or area of specialization to another
  • re-entering the workforce after time away
  • managing self-confidence and self-presentation during job search and interview processes
  • determining how to down-shift or wind-down in career
  • working through early career insecurities, uncertainties and lack of direction

Typical clients include:

  • Corporate Professionals
  • Non-Profit Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business Members
  • Those Returning to Work After a Break
  • Solo and Small Practice Professionals (Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Consultants, Media and Technology Professionals)
  • Artistic and Creative Talent
  • High Potential and Early Career Talent
  • Recent College Graduates

Located in Montclair, NJ, I work with clients throughout the north Jersey area.