Q: What is the process for a new client to get started?

A: The process begins by you calling my office and the two of us having a brief conversation regarding what services you are looking for and whether it makes sense to move forward with an initial assessment. If we agree to move forward, we will schedule the assessment. With adult clients I often give assessment feedback after 1 to 2 sessions. With child and adolescent clients, I often give feedback after meeting with the child or adolescent, their parents, and any other appropriate resources. Upon delivering the assessment feedback, both you and I will decide whether or not continuing to work together makes sense. If so, we will schedule a first set of sessions.

Q: How long are sessions?

A: Psychotherapy sessions are 45 minutes in length. Initial assessment sessions are sometimes scheduled for longer. Executive coaching and career counseling sessions can vary in length, but are typically about an hour.

Q: How often are sessions?

A: I typically meet with psychotherapy clients once a week, at the same time each week. On occasions when it is appropriate for treatment, I may meet with clients twice a week. After a period of time in psychotherapy, clients and I may agree that it makes sense to meet every other week. The frequency of sessions with executive coaching and career counseling clients varies, but often we meet every other week.

Q: How long does the psychotherapy process last?

A: Work on a focused issue may be resolved in a relatively short period of time – typically in about 6-12 sessions. If we work on deeper and more wide ranging difficulties, psychotherapy may take longer. Because psychotherapy is about making changes and often increasing your ability to live life more fully, it usually takes time. Anywhere from six months to a year or two is typical for a course of psychotherapy. The length of time is always determined by the client, and may be discussed and reviewed regularly together.

Q: How long does the coaching and career counseling process last?

A: Executive coaching and career counseling engagements vary. Some engagements are 5 to 10 sessions in length. Others start as time limited, but transition into ongoing engagements.

Q: Are you in-network with any insurance companies for psychotherapy services?

A: I am not currently in-network with any insurance companies for psychotherapy services and am considered an "out-of-network" provider. Clients are responsible for full payment of my fees at the time they receive services. However, I provide psychotherapy clients a bill for services rendered which they can then submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement. Insurance may reimburse you a percentage of these fees. I suggest that you check with your insurance company prior to your initial appointment to determine your particular out-of-network mental health benefits.

Q: What is your fee?

A: Fees are discussed during our initial phone conversation, prior to scheduling a first appointment.

Q: Where are your offices located?

A: My offices are located in Montclair, NJ
and I work with clients throughout the north Jersey area.